Tracy Ryan

February 20, 2015 -

Tracy Ryan is the CEO and lead consultant for CannaKids, which is a California Cooperative Cooperation that specializes in the creation of lab tested, and PhD scientist extracted cannabis oils. Since her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis in June of 2013, Tracy has dedicated a huge part of her life to educating herself on the medicinal powers of medical marijuana in treating her own daughter’s disease, as well as all other pediatric and adult cancers, epilepsy, autism and beyond.  Tracy has worked on a global scale with families who are seeking education, and treatment options for their loved ones, and has guided many patients to unheard of success.  Tracy and her team at CannaKids has recently partnered with the Technion Institute in Israel where they are legally studying the effects of cannabinoids on many cancer types, with her daughter’s own tumor sample being one of the first to be tested in this trial.

Tracy also sits on the board of the Cannabis Consulting Group, is the Vice Chair for the Women’s Grow LA Chapter, and as a public speaker can be found speaking at medical cannabis and pediatric cancer events all over the country in her quest to educate the mass public on the power of this incredible plant. In addition, the Ryan family is the key focus of the Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake documentary Weed the People releasing later this year, along with many national news pieces on NationalGeographic.com, Vice News, Entertainment Tonight, Huffington Post, Yahoo.com, and many more.  As an educator, activist, and self proclaimed Momcologist, it is Tracy’s mission and goal to uncover the mysteries behind this plant in hopes to formulate disease specific cannabinoid formulations for patients of all ages.

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