American Cancer Society: Gotu Kola

July 16, 2015 -

The Gotu Kola is a swamp plant that grows in Southeast Asia, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, China, Mexico, some parts of South America, and South Africa. The components of this swamp plant are used in herbal remedies, mainly its dried leaves and stems.

There has been limited study on Gotu Kola. A few clinical trials have studied the usage of its compounds on patients with poor blood flow in the legs. This study suggests that the Gotu Kola can reduce swelling in the legs and feet, however more research is needed. There has been at least one lab that studied the effects of the Gotu Kola and tumor cells. Their results showed a reduction in the growth of the tumor cells, but there was not enough support to prove its effectiveness.

There are claims that Gotu Kola have some curative attributes. Some say that it can reduce fever and relieve congestion. Some women use it as birth control and some herbalists say it is an antidote for poisonous mushrooms and arsenic poisoning.

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