Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

July 12, 2015 -

Founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to preventing and curing breast cancer. They focus mainly on research and research alone, and will not stop until the number of deaths from breast cancer reaches zero. Their goal is to accelerate the breakthroughs bringing them closer to a cure and to speed up the progress that will improve survivorship and quality of life for breast cancer patients.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s research fuels advances in tumor biology, heredity and ethnicity, lifestyle and prevention, treatment, survivorship, and metastasis. Researchers discovered how cancer originates in the body and can now explore ways to target breast cancer cells to stop their growth.

BCRF has raised over half a billion dollars and has saved millions of lives for over 20 years. With its donations from people like you, BCRF uses 88% for breast cancer research and 3% for awareness programs. Annual grants awarded by BCRF allow over 235 scientists from top universities and medical institutions to conduct more research leading to new treatments, prevention techniques, and new insights on breast cancer. The support from donors has funded more than seven million hours of research, bringing us all closer to a more effective cure.

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