April 28, 2015 -

Crowdrise offers online tools for personal fundraising, event fundraising, special occasion fundraising, team fundraising and sponsored volunteerism. Star power from co-founder Edward Norton and social media-powered, high-profile fundraisers have helped set this crowdfunding tool apart from others.

Creating your campaign is free once you’ve set up an account. There are no goal requirements or deadlines that you must reach, but when deadlines are attached to your campaign, a sense of urgency will help you acquire funding faster. Social media integration of your campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin is available.

Crowdrise accepts major credit cards for donations which are paid out through either your Network for Good or WePay account (minus fees).

Fees: For personal accounts (not charities), this site says if at the end of your campaign, you haven’t kept $99 of every $100 you’ve raised, email us and we’ll make up the difference.

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