Turmeric (Curcumin) Induces Programmed Cell Death in Glioma Cells

September 21, 2016 -

G6P translocase (G6PT) is thought to play a crucial role in transducing intracellular signaling events in brain tumor-derived cancer cells. In this report, we investigated the contribution of G6PT to the control of U-87 brain tumor-derived glioma cell survival using small interfering RNA (siRNA)-mediated suppression of G6PT.

Three siRNA constructs were generated and found to suppress up to 91% G6PT gene expression. Flow cytometry analysis of propidium iodide/annexin-V-stained cells indicated that silencing the G6PT gene induced necrosis and late apoptosis. The anticancer agent curcumin, also inhibited G6PT gene expression by more than 90% and triggered U-87 glioma cells death.

Overexpression of recombinant G6PT rescued the cells from curcumin-induced cell death. Targeting G6PT expression may provide a new mechanistic rationale for the action of chemopreventive drugs and lead to the development of new anti-cancer strategies.

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