DNA Nanobots will Target Cancer Cells in the First Human Trial Using a Terminally Ill Patient

January 7, 2016 -

A new clinical trial is underway! Professor Ido Bachelet of Israel’s Bar-Ilan University has confirmed that tiny robots will be injected into a human body to fight disease. Many common cancer treatments that we use today, like chemo and radiation, are problematic because they target a large area. While they do destroy cancerous cells they also damage the healthy ones surrounding it, proving these therapies to sometimes be just as harmful as the cancer itself.

Cue the nanobots! These tiny robots are able to recognize and interact with specific molecules, meaning that new drugs don’t need to be developed and the treatment won’t take out every cell in the area. Nanobots are made from DNA, specifically a single strand of DNA folded into a desired shapes. Professor Bachelet’s nanobots are designed in a clamshell shape and work as a career for existing cancer drugs. They have been programed to be in two states – an “off position, where they’re closed tightly so they can bypass healthy cells without causing damage, and an “on” position, where the clamshell opens up to expose cancerous cells to the drug in question.

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