Free Radical Fighting Choc-Mint and Berry Smoothie

February 28, 2018 -

Free radicals are a part of everyday life. Even the air we breath can cause the production of free radicals! Normally, the human body can neutralize these free radicals on its own, but some external factors such as pollution, UV radiation, alcohol, chemicals and smoking can prevent the body from defending itself from harmful free radicals. Free radicals are shown to contribute to signs of aging, and inducing illness.

Here are some of the ways Free Radicals affect our health:

– joint inflammation
– eye (and sight) deterioration
– accelerated aging
– increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers
– damaged nerve cells in the brain

Fortunately, the benefits of antioxidants can counteract the negative effect of free radicals in our bodies before they cause significant damage.

CLICK HERE for a delicious recipe for a Chocolate Mint Berry Smoothie that’s chock-full of free radical fighting antioxidants!


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