Free to Breathe

July 13, 2015 -

Free to Breathe is an organization of lung cancer survivors, researchers, industry leaders and healthcare professionals with the belief that everyone diagnosed with lung cancer should be cured. The leaders behind Free to Breath are doctors, cancer survivors, caretakers and advocates, who have faced cancer diagnosis and are fully committed to ensuring the lung cancer community of their lifesaving research. By funding their research, increasing the number of patients participating in clinical trials, and empowering the lung cancer community, they hope to achieve their goal of doubling lung cancer survival by 2022.

This community is dedicated 100% to their cause, goals, leadership and most importantly, each other. They are constantly learning, exploring, seeking new and innovative ways to achieve their purpose with full responsibility of their actions. Despite the overwhelming challenges of lung cancer research, they find ways to remain positive and hopeful to finding a cure.

Free to Breathe is a part of a variety of partnerships and committees including The Lung Cancer Action Network, The Cancer Leadership Council, The American Thoracic Society Education Committee, and more. Since 2005, nearly $5 million was funded for research. In 2014, 21% of their total revenue went towards just that. Since more lives are lost each year due to lung cancer, it is important that we help as much as we can. Without your donations and support, Free to Breathe cannot fund their research necessary for better detection and treatment and therefore survival rates will decrease.

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