Herbal Cannabis as Medicine: A Biocultural Analysis

April 28, 2015 -

This article is a dissertation submitted to the Department of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent-Canterbury. It explores the link between access to chemical analysis of cannabinoids and a patient’s choice of medical cannabis. The result is condensed into a variety of statistical figures, of which the following four are the most interesting. The researcher focuses on the relationship between rational criteria (chemical composition) and user behavior (selection of cannabis cultivars and forms of exhaustion), which make the challenges for future clinical research visible.

“Subsequent to the passage of the California Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215), a voter initiative passed on November 5, 1996 permitting the cultivation, possession, anduse of cannabis for medical purposes in California, fifteen other US states and theDistrict of Columbia have followed suit and decriminalized cannabis for medicinal use. Inresponse to the emergence of this medical marijuana market, a number of analyticchemistry labs have been established for the purpose of quantifying cannabinoid contentand testing for contaminants in cannabis to be used for therapy. Current literature hasshown that there are at least 80 cannabinoids in various strains of cannabis, and has alsoshown that these constituents have unique pharmacological effects (Izzo et al 2009:515). Does access to chemical analysis data quantifying cannabinoid content affect patients’selection of medical marijuana cultivars and delivery methods? Literature review, semi-structured interviews and a self-administered online survey of medical marijuana users will be employed to address this research question from a biocultural perspective.”

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