Liver and Pancreatic R&D Cancer Charity

July 16, 2015 -

The Liver and Pancreatic R&D Cancer Charity, supported by a dedicated group of medical practitioners, patients, family members and friends, was established to improve patient care and work to beat liver and pancreatic cancer.

Early detection and survival rates for liver and pancreatic cancer, specifically, have not improved in the last 40 years. However, the Southampton Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Team works tirelessly to perform more than 250 surgical procedures every year, most of which is keyhole surgery, to improve early detection and surgical treatment to enhance results and increase survival rates.

To improve patient care and patient prognosis for all patients, they encourage people’s support of their research and surgical treatment by not only donating money, but also attending events, participating in their support network, liking their Facebook page, and more.

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If you would like to speak to us about how you can become involved with our foundation, become a sponsored family, or just need general information, please submit the form below and one of our team members will contact you promptly.