Lungevity Foundation

July 11, 2015 -

The original Lungevity Foundation was founded in 2001 by seven people who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. They, along with Protect Your Lungs, formed the Lungevity Foundation of today. The Lungevity Foundation focuses on research for early detection of cancer, allowing survival rates to rise. They also focus on more effective treatment approaches in getting the right treatment at the right time to ensure longer and better lives for people with lung cancer. Their vision is a world where no one dies of lung cancer. Through their extensive educational resources, online peer-to-peer support, and survivorship programs, Lungevity provides a community of empowerment, support, and hope.

So far, Lungevity has funded 110 research projects at 57 institutions in 23 states. Currently, the survival rate is 17% at five years after diagnosis. By finding the disease earlier and coming up with more efficient and effective solutions, they can increase and improve lung cancer survivorship. They value collaboration with other organizations to help reach their goal more quickly.

Lungevity funds all donations into their research. They have goals of finding effective biomarkers to develop a non-invasive strategy to detect early stage lung cancer and developing imaging techniques by improving software and hardware and data sharing methods. Lungevity is also interested in creating more effective therapies to treat lung cancer at all stages and efficiently deliver them to patients.

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