Magical! Wild Mushroom & Thyme Soup + Toasted Walnuts

February 20, 2018 -

Soup can be a wonderful addition to any weekly menu. This delicious mushroom soup is sure to be a hit with you and your family, and you might be surprised at just how fulfilling this easy to prepare meal is! On top of all that, there are some pretty awesome health benefits too. Mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, selenium, potassium and iron. They are also a great source of fiber, and antioxidants, which can prevent aging, maintain heart health, and boost your immunity. There is even evidence to suggest mushroom’s anti-estrogenic properties may help prevent breast cancer as well.  Try it out tonight, and if you love it, you can double the recipe and freeze in portions for multiple servings.

Click HERE to get the full recipe!


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