Melanoma Skin Cancer

July 11, 2015 -

Most skin tumors are not cancerous. They arebenign most of the time. Some common skin tumors that are easily noticeable are moles, seborrheic keratosis, and wart. A mole is a benign skin tumor that starts from melanocytes, cells found in the epidermis. Melanocytes are the reason for brown pigment. A majority of people will have moles and most of them are harmless. Seborrheic keratosis a dark brown or black spot and it usually has a waxy texture. A wart is a rough-surfaced growth caused by HPV.

Melanoma skin cancer begins in melanocytes. Since most of the cells create melanin, the melanoma tumor appears to be black or brown. Sometimes a melanoma tumor can be pink, tan, or white. Having dark skin lowers your risk of melanoma skin cancer, but does not completely prevent it.

There are two types of cancer more common than melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell cancers. They rarely spread throughout the body so they are less worried about than melanoma. There are types of less common skin cancers: merkel cell carcinoma, Kaposi sarcoma, skin lymphoma, skin adnexal tumors, and various types of sarcomas. The probabilities of getting these cancers are slim.  All of these less common skin cancers account for less than 1% of all skin cancers.

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