May 8, 2015 -

Pledgie is a fundraising platform that has been around for years. It is more basic than some of other sites we have listed however, there are some similarities. Creating your campaign is free once you’ve set up an account and the platform utilizes deadlines and goals to create a sense of urgency to help you acquire funding faster.

Social media integration through a “send to a friend” functionality. They also have the Pledgie badge, an image that links directly to your campaign page, the Pledgie badge can be easily placed on your personal web pages, social media sites or blogs. Pledgie accepts major credit cards for donations, which will be paid out through your Paypal account (minus fees).

They charge 3.0% of every donation to help maintain the site, and also offer a very wide range of fundraising opportunities.  If you’re looking for something very simple, Pledgie could be just right for you!

Fees: 3% Pledgie fee plus any Paypal processing fees.

To learn more about Pledgie CLICK HERE.


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