Science Shows Marijuana Can Help Kill Tumors, Federal Government Admits

July 10, 2015 -

The United Kingdom’s Federal Government recently acknowledged that cannabis can significantly reduce aggressive types of brain tumors when combined with radiation treatment. Endorsing what many medical marijuana advocates have long affirmed as its healing powers. They found that cannabinoids could play a role in treating one of the most aggressive cancers in adults. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as a medicine, but with continued tests should do so.

An issue with marijuana is that its legal status has led to a lack of federally regulated studies about the plant, and has impeded scientists efforts to really understand the potential of its healing powers. The many scientific findings in recents years have brought forth questions about the legal standing of marijuana in the United States. Currently, the Federal Government designates marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, which is to say that not only is it highly addictive, but that it has absolutely no medical benefit. After lots of research we know that is absolutely not true. Cannabis’s schedule 1 status in the United States is a major barrier for researchers looking to learn more about the drug’s potential as a healing agent.

One American doctor describes the whole process as being wrong. Andrew Weil was one of the doctors who conducted the first double-blind clinical trial of marijuana in 1968. Dr. Weil claims there is significant evidence, both clinical and anecdotal of its therapeutic effects, but government policies have set the research back.

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