Turmeric Extract Strikes To The Root Cause of Cancer Malignancy

March 30, 2015 -

A new turmeric study published in Cancer Letters is paving the way for a revolution tin the way that we both understand and treat cancer. The Indian spice, known as turmeric, has the ability to target cancer stem cells, which are believed to be at the root cause of tumor formation!

Given that conventional treatment can drive an intrinsically benign tumor into greater invasiveness through increasing the number of intrinsically resilient cancer stem cells at the very same moment that it kills the less or non-harmful daughter cells, alternative treatment approaches are needed now more than ever.

The new study identifies a number of ways in which turmeric provides an ideal CSC-targeting therapy, including:

•Regulation of the CSC self-renewal pathway:  turmeric appears to directly and indirectly influence at least three self-renewal pathways within cancer stem cells, namely, Wnt/b-catenin, sonic hedgehog 89 (SHH), and Notch. The authors list 12 difference cancer cell lines which turmeric appear to affect positively.

•Modulation of microRNA: microRNAs are short non-coding RNA sequences that regulate approximately 33% of the protein-coding genes in the human genome. They bind to target messenger RNAs (mRNAs) leading to their degradation or inactivation. Turmeric has been found to alter the expression of microRNAs in cancer stem cells in a way that would suggest a strong suppression of tumor formation.

•Direct anti-cancer activity: Turmeric exhibits the ability to selectively kill cancer cells versus healthy cells and synergizes with conventional chemotherapy agents making them more effective (in some cases less harmful).

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