Walk With Sally

August 5, 2015 -

The Walk With Sally mentoring program was started in 2005 when Nick Arquette lost his mom, Sally, to breast cancer. Nick and his brother struggled as kids, trying to figure out how to live normal lives and eventually had to give everything up to live with their father because Sally could not take care of them anymore. Nick wanted to create an opportunity to give hope to children who had been in similar situations.

Walk With Sally is dedicated to providing free mentoring support programs to families who have lost all hope, to young adults who need extra money for school, and to children and their mentors to help them work together to fight against the ravaging effects of cancer. This program works with schools, hospitals, community organizations and activity hosts to provide cancer support. They encourage people to start their own fundraising campaigns.

Your donations keep running all the wonderful programs and services Walk With Sally has to offer to children and families dealing with cancer. Other ways to help raise funds include volunteering and attending events.

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