Sophie’s Story

Sophie Isabella Ryan was born on October 3rd, 2012 weighing 9lbs 7.4oz. She was the picture of health for the first 8 months of her life. But when Sophie’s left eye began shaking when she was only 8 ½ months old, a series of doctor’s appointments led to an MRI that uncovered the unthinkable.

On June 23rd, 2013 Sophie was diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumor called an Optic Pathway Glioma that luckily has a 90% survival rate, but has an over 85% recurrence rate. Even worse, the only option for these tumors was chemotherapy, using protocols that have barely evolved in the last 40 years.

When talk show host and movie actress Ricki Lake, and her documentary film partner Abby Epstein were connected to us through social media, they opened our eyes to the world of medical cannabis. They told us about the film they were producing about kids using cannabis for cancer, which is now on Netflix titled Weed the People. They invited us to be in the documentary, and after 6 years of filming our lives have forever changed.

Now 7 years post diagnosis, Sophie is off chemo and took her last dose on October 23rd, 2019. Despite the long road, Sophie became a walking miracle to every doctor who treated her. From her immunological responses to her ability to rapidly heal from traumatic surgeries, we have left many doctors baffled.

And now, after working with renowned spiritual healer Bobbi Vogel, the return of Sophie’s vision has been profound. Her ophthalmologist Dr. Arti from CHLA stated that she had never seen this in her entire career, and on camera. Her other ophthalmologist Dr. Borchert said he hasn’t seen her vision this good in years. They expected Sophie to be in complete blackout, but she stood 12 feet away from large printer letters and could identify them!

She has inspired many medical professionals to take a second look at cannabis as a medicine, and now spirit guided healing.

Sophie is the inspiration behind our 501c3 Saving Sophie, and has spoken all over the country to thousands of people about her personal journey. She is also the inspiration behind the groundbreaking cancer research led by Dr. Anahid Jewett that transpired after we were desperate to get her type of disease more research.

After Sophie’s last brain tumor surgery in April of 2018, Dr. Jewett implanted Sophie’s tumor into humanized mice, and then tested her Natural Killer Cell function. This is the main driver of her innate immune system. After discovering that Sophie’s immune system was functioning 5 times better than any healthy adult Dr. Jewett had ever tested in 30 years, we expanded the trial. We enrolled 16 more patients of all ages, in all varying stages of disease with different cancers that were taking our former line of cannabis oil products called CannaKids,

The discoveries have been so groundbreaking that Dr. Jewett and I have now partnered up with other brilliant cellular therapy scientists to work towards bringing her Super Charged NK Cell therapeutic, and a therapy that works like cannabis in the body through human trials.

After my publicist Christine Peake introduced us to her client LAMO shoes, they have committed to supporting us in the fundraising goal by allowing Sophie to design her own line of shoes! They are additionally giving us a percentage of shoes that they have chosen to add to Sophie’s own section on their website.

Sophie and our family have been through so much. But after having the privilege to work with tens of thousands of patients all over the world due to our work in cannabis, and after the research that has now given us so much hope for a future where non-toxic therapy for cancer patients is possible, we truly believe this mission is why God have us breath.

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